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Cloud Practice Builder for AWS is for partners that want to start, expand or accelerate a cloud strategy to existing clients or into new markets.

Practice Builder will establish where you are today and where you want to get to, then provide guided support at every stage of your journey, to successfully launch a profitable AWS Cloud business practice.



New to the Cloud?

Download the AWS eBook this will guide you through the key aspects of getting started with AWS, and understanding how TD SYNNEX’s investments in skills, services & solutions based on AWS can accelerate your time to market.

Ready to grow your cloud practice with AWS?

TD SYNNEX’s Cloud Practice Builder will assess your readiness to move to the cloud, then develop your cloud strategy with AWS

Discover how the Cloud Practice Builder works on AWS and all its benefits!

Kickstart your AWS Practice

This self-paced digital learning will guide your business through getting set up on AWS if you are not already on the Amazon Partner Network (APN). This stage will also give your business an understanding of the key benefits your business can utilize working with TD SYNNEX.

Sprint 1: Discover the resale opportunity
Sprint 2: Power your AWS Practice
Sprint 3: Onboard with us
Sprint 4: Accelerate with Cloud and Automation
Sprint 5: Develop your pipeline

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Self-Paced Digital Learning Experience

Accelerate your AWS Practice

Access self-paced digital learning that will navigate you through the AWS Services Partner Programme and rise through the partner tiers. Review requirements, attend critical trainings and demonstrations and receive one-on-one support to further your cloud practice.

Sprint 1: Discovery Phase: AWS Services
Sprint 2: Knowledge Phase: Explore the Roadmaps and get Certified
Sprint 3: Execution Phase: Build the opportunities
Sprint 4: Execution Phase: Customer Success
Sprint 5: AWS Competency Partner Solutions

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Self-Paced Digital Learning Experience

Cloud Practitioner Fast Track

Keep accelerating your AWS Practice, we can help you in achieving the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification!

Led by an AWS Trainer and introduced by TD SYNNEX experts, the goal of these sessions is to complement your studies and encourage you to pass your AWS Certification within one month.

Sign up here for a free webinar coaching program where once a week, for four weeks, you will join like-minded peers to practice exam questions and share strategies.


October 31 - 16:00 CET (30 minutes)

Specialize: Cloud Migration Launch Pad 

TD SYNNEX can provide you the expertise and support you need, to help your customers upgrade their legacy systems and modernise their data centre technologies. You will maintain greater ownership over customer relationships and develop a more profitable solution offering.

We invite you to work together with your local TD SYNNEX AWS Cloud Concierge and AWS, to participate in a 4 Week Solution-led workshop practice building experience to define and follow a critical path to building your AWS practice.

Sprint 1 - Why Migration Acceleration?
Sprint 2 - Discovery Phase
Sprint 3 - Microsoft Workloads on AWS
Sprint 4 - Assess Phase
Sprint 5 - Mobilise Phase
Sprint 6 - Migrate & Modernise Phase
Sprint 7 - Funding & Best Practices
Sprint 8 - AWS Migration Workshop

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Self-Paced Digital Learning Experience

1: Many Solution-Led Experience

Specialize: Public Sector Launchpad

Develop your AWS practice and knowledge in the Public Sector. Understand how to navigate and leverage the APN and ensure you are on the most applicable APN programs, leveraging the resources and benefits available. Prepare to Go To Market on AWS and validate and differentiate your business. TD SYNNEX Practice Builder will provide step-by-step guidance with access to tools and experts to help you expand your practice.

Step 1: Build your Readiness to Accelerate on AWS
Step 2: Validate your direction & Prepare to GTM
Step 3: Differentiate & Launch your Public Sector Practice

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Self-Paced Digital Learning Experience

One to One, Business Strategy Experience

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Embrace your AWS growth journey with TD SYNNEX and become a Trusted Partner.

Become a TD SYNNEX Trusted Partner on AWS with Cloud Practice Builder and you will get access to lots of benefits:

  • Ready-to-use marketing campaigns
  • Free access to trainings given by our Centre of Excellence team

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