Connecting the dots


Hybrid Cloud
25 Apr 18 Author: Sergio Farache

Sergio Farache, Senior Vice President—Global Cloud at TD SYNNEX, says that by bringing public and private cloud services together and enabling the adoption and management of new emerging technologies and agile solutions, customers can deliver real and lasting transformation for their customers

As organisations go through their digital transformation journey they are having to make important decisions about which technologies and platforms to adopt. Most customers are now moving towards the adoption of hybrid environments that will make use of both public and private cloud solutions and services.

A big part of what we do in the cloud market must be set in that context now. As a leading provider of cloud platforms, TD SYNNEX has a vitally important role to play in enabling our solution providers to understand concepts and deliver and manage appropriate and effective hybrid infrastructures that will achieve the best business outcomes for their end-user customers. Elements like data privacy policies are the perfect example of why the hybrid cloud is here to stay.

We are continuing to expand our reach and capability with public cloud services, and take advantage of our leadership in the data centre to support private cloud solutions. We’re developing more sophisticated aggregation platforms, services capabilities, enabling solution providers to bring multiple solutions elements together to meet the needs of customers in specific markets and industries, and supporting partners in building their own value around cloud solutions.

For solution providers, there are some significant challenges. They are having to transition from a financial model based on transactional business, to one that relies on recurring revenues. They need to move from a transactional relationship to a continuum engagement supporting customer needs.This will bring significant advantages to them in the long-run as it will provide greater stability and bring customers closer to their trusted reseller advisor.

Solution providers will need to develop new kinds of services and provide the orchestration and security that will seamlessly connect the public and private solutions that will be used within each customer’s hybrid environment. They will need to become much more closely-involved in managing the quality and lifecycle of technology adoption by their customers. Helping end customers to make the most of the increased agility that hybrid cloud brings is a huge opportunity.

TD SYNNEX has an end-to-end strategy that covers every aspect of the public, private and hybrid and we’re supporting resellers in addressing the challenges and developing the capabilities they will need in many ways.

There are four key pillars to our hybrid cloud approach:

  • We are continuing to lead the way in driving data centre transformation and the transition to public cloud services, making it easy to support consumption and subscription-based services, extending our portfolio and providing solutions that will enable partners to build their own unique value.
  • We are investing in and building on our leadership in the integrate systems, with a strong focus on converged and hyper-converged systems, to provide a foundation for private cloud and platforms for automation and orchestration services.
  • We are using our unique position in security and mobility to provide solutions right across the hybrid environment, from the data centre to each endpoint, providing complete application, data and device protection across the environment.
  • We’re continuing to invest and develop our capability in edge computing and technologies such as IOT and analytics that help organisations to collect data and to manage and draw value from it in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our entire strategy is focused on helping our reseller partners to deliver and support hybrid environments that will enable digital transformation and improved outcomes for their customers. Our approach also gives solution providers a platform from which they can transform themselves into capable and trusted providers of new and much more agile hybrid IT environments.

While it provides the foundation for these new models, the cloud is simply the delivery method. It enables us to connect the dots and bring all the technologies and public and private services together.

We are in an exciting and crucial stage in the development of the cloud market. Hybrid is the future and the shift now taking place is something that both TD SYNNEX and its partners must capitalise on right now. There is is a tremendous opportunity for us to expand the value we deliver, to help our customers develop their skills and capabilities, accelerate their business development and maximise value-creation and margins. We must lead the way in driving adoption and move as fast as we can.