Azure Data & Analytics


Unlock the value created with advanced analytics

The potential of big data and analytics applications is itself big. Considering data warehousing, Hadoop and the approaching modern data platform further and significant growth will drive the industry. In addition, the opportunity to leverage the Azure technology for Artificial Intelligence solutions either by providing horizontal solutions or by focusing on domain specific solutions is still largely untapped. Be ready to generate sizeable and profitable projects around advanced analytics and AI for you and your customers.

Traditional analytics

  • Data Marts, Packaged Apps
  • No Data Lake
  • Basic collection of data for business decision making, retrospective analytics
  • Analytics based on unstructured data
  • No Artificial Intelligence Practice

Cloud-powered advanced analytics and AI

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence Platform

Earn Advanced Analytics and AI competency with TD SYNNEX

  • Modernise data platforms: give your customers the freedom to store data wherever you want, which allows customers to deploy data solutions wherever they need.
  • Create data-driven apps: guide your customers as they develop transactional and real-time experiences to harness the power of big data.
  • Shift to modern business intelligence: help your customers make better decisions, faster, with data pipelines that surface insights from enterprise data assets
  • Co-design AI solutions: leverage the pre-built and custom AI services within the Microsoft AI platform to produce relevant solutions for your customers

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End of Support of Windows Server & SQL Server

End of Support of Windows Server & SQL Server

Help your customers modernise their infrastructure with Azure. Reduce costs, increase scalability and flexibility while enabling them to scale their operations up or down.

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Discover the Click-To-Run Solutions by TD SYNNEX based on Azure

Discover the Click-To-Run Solutions by TD SYNNEX based on Azure

Remove complexity, increase your agility and speed to market.

Become an Azure CSP with TD SYNNEX

Become an Azure CSP with TD SYNNEX

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