Google Workspace

Google Workspace is Google’s integrated solution, providing high performance productivity applications, designed for users to feel they are collaborating no matter where they are working.


Created in the Cloud and for the Cloud, Google Workspace is a simple and intuitive set of applications that provide users with the ability to safely and securely communicate with, collaborate on and control data whilst being protected with an exacting set of security standards used by Google themselves!

Being cloud-based, Google Workspace offers exceptional agility coupled with ease of deployment and use across your customers’ digital estates, while simultaneously unifying the way their staff work and interact, especially when working remotely.

Google Workspace seamlessly integrates mail, chat, video and content collaboration and puts team work at the heart  of everything your customers need and do, allowing their time to be focused on productivity.

Making your customers’ workspace a Google Workspace is the surest way of providing a truly transformative workplace experience.

Quickly create a digital room for any project

Access group files, tasks, and conversations in one place Collaborate in context, right where the work is happening. Focus on high-impact work and let Google handle the rest

Why Google Workspace?

Diversify Your Cloud Portfolio

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity solution for modern working environments. Enable your customers to work from anywhere at any time. With the ever growing market of Cloud solutions, you can ensure you and your customers are staying ahead of the curve.

Increase Profitability

TD SYNNEX helps you to enable fast market profit with the help of financial services, so that you can sell Google Workspace systems quickly.

The Future of Collaboration, Today

Work on documents as a team; no more sending work back and forth. It’s time to start working collaboratively and enjoy the ability to make comments, edits, and suggestions together.

Innovative companies show stronger profit growth: 75% of Google Workspace users say it has made their team more innovative[1]



[1] MIT Sloan: Are Innovative Companies More Profitable? December, 2017

We’ve made selling Google Workspace as easy as using it!

With a 45 year track record of collaborating with vendors, connecting with resellers and creating successful marketing and sales campaigns, TD SYNNEX is the ideal partner to bring Google Workspace to market with you. We offer a range of technical and business support services. TD SYNNEX helps you quickly go to market with minimal requirements to begin selling Google Workspace.

Reselling Google Workspace with TD SYNNEX

Review our battle card to understand how Google Workspace can transform your customer's business and how TD SYNNEX can help.

Identify cloud opportunities with Google Workspace

Offering, selling and using Google Workspace is the perfect proposition to help you open up new markets and win new customers. Check to see if you have customers with any of the following business issues:

  • Geographically dispersed employees needing to communicate and collaborate
  • Collaborating and communicating is business critical but currently difficult
  • Technology is not their speciality, and they need to simplify their IT efforts
  • Due diligence in evaluating commercial value of incumbent solutions for example renewals
  • Ensuring technology solutions and maximizing the innovation opportunities in fast pace evolving vendor ecosystem
  • They want to move large sections of their application portfolio into the cloud

Become a Google Workspace Partner

To be able to sell Google Workspace, you need to be onboarded as a Google Workspace Partner. In doing so with TD SYNNEX you’ll unlock a host of benefits designed to enhance your selling opportunities in new markets.

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