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TD SYNNEX’s Application Innovation practice helps modern businesses stay relevant and competitive, by providing cost-effective cloud solutions and services – and the ability to innovate faster, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  1. Market Demand
    By 2022, over half of the code in 75% of new apps will be from external sources. The need to improve developer productivity is driving the use of open source and commercial code repositories.
  2. DevOps
    DevOps will evolve to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of global 2k organizations.
  3. Increased spending 
    Spending on enterprise software and applications is projected to increase by 7.2% CAGR in next 4 years as compared to 4.4% in overall IT spending.
  4. Differentiation
    Drive Digital Transformation, since 53% of the Business is Digital in 2020.

Great Solutions Produce Better Outcomes

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Optimize resources

Optimize resources such as the human input and interactions, business processes, and the technology itself.

Build quickly provision Windows and Linux environments with DevOps on Azure.

Create a high performing RDS environment with Autodesk on Azure.

Real Time

Agility and flexibility to adapt to obstacles or pivot in real-time, creating a competitive edge in the digital economy.

Manage, deploy and monitor Kubernetes workload with Docker on Azure.


Increase productivity, lower labor costs, and ensure a better and more consistent level of quality.​

Manage and scale application with a simplified Kubernetes deployment with Managed Containers on Azure.

Pre configure container application platforms with Red Hat Openshift on Azure.

Improve Efficiency

Automate a set of high-volume repeatable tasks and augment the performance of less frequent, more novel tasks through human–machine interaction.​

Create a simple and efficient cloud provisioning platform with Red Hat Ansible.

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