Amazon Web Services Device Farm


Device Farm is an app testing service that enables you to test your Android, iOS, and Fire OS apps on real, physical phones and tablets that are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). A test report containing high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-to-pixel screenshots, and performance data is updated as tests are completed.

Key Highlights of Device Farm:

  • Test on the same devices your customers use

    Run tests across a large selection of physical devices in parallel from various manufacturers with varying hardware, OS versions and form factors.

  • Fix issues faster and delight your users

    Focus on the most important issues by viewing detailed, actionable reports.

  • Simulate real-world environments

    Fine-tune your test environment by configuring location, language, application data, and installing prerequisite apps to simulate real-world customer conditions.

  • Find issues quickly

    View comprehensive, actionable reports as tests complete on each device. In addition to containing test results, detailed logs, screenshots, and performance data, reports identify and group identical errors across multiple devices.


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