Cisco Spark


Cisco Spark is a secure collaboration platform designed for businesses. It provides spaces for teams to send messages, share files, and stay in contact wherever they are. Utilise whiteboards to quickly create visuals to share in your spaces or with your team. Cisco Spark also offers video calling for up to 200 people, depending on your plan.  Utilise Single Sign-On (SSO) so users never have to log in more than once.  Cisco Spark uses end-to-end encryption and allows simple search for messages, files, and people. Record and replay both audio and video meetings, and connect Cisco Spark to the Cisco Spark Board, Cisco video endpoints, and your Cisco IP Phones.

Key Highlights of Cisco Spark:

Built for mobility
Set up spaces for your projects and teams. Join the conversation and communicate easily from any device, anywhere.

Meet anywhere, anytime
Start a video call with anyone instantly. Or schedule ahead with Cisco WebEx-powered meetings. Pull your local team into your conference room and join using your Cisco Spark Room System.

Calls anywhere
Use Cisco IP Phones to make HD voice and video calls in the cloud. Answer and make calls anywhere using the Cisco Spark app if you're away from your desk.

Security at the forefront
Spark uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256 (AES-256) for end-to-end content encryption and HTTPS for transport encryption.


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