IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers


IBM Cloud is IBM's open-standard platform that brings all of their IaaS and PaaS cloud solutions into one single experience. This experience includes the Platform-as-a-service for building, running and managing applications in the cloud. IBM Cloud provides cloud infrastructure, data and services from a growing number of data centres and network PoPs around the world.

Key Highlights of IBM Cloud:

Extend your on premise data centres
Create, deploy, and manage servers on their own or in a hybrid cloud

Bare Metal Servers
Configure servers to your exact requirements, hourly servers can be deployed in as quickly as 20 minutes to any IBM Cloud data centre, monthly between 2-4 hours

London Data Centres
High performance cloud resources on a global high-speed network housed in enterprise-grade data centres including three in London. IBM also ensure when any Datacentre is chosen, your data will not leave that particular location as they are aware of how important it is to know where this is for compliance reasons.

Bringing the Cloud Together
Cloud resources make it possible to bring together multiple data sources, scale systems, and incorporate cognitive services to drive business value quickly and inexpensively.

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers allows you to easily build your bare metal server to the specification of your choice. You can choose the processor that best meets your performance needs in any one of IBM’s 42 global data centres. You will have complete control of your infrastructure environment and the ability to add your choice of software.

Key Highlights of Bare Metal Servers:

  • You design the hardware to your specific requirements and still manage the server in the cloud, including no virtualisation performance penalty that you may get elsewhere.
  • Geographically redundant DNS
  • Onsite security 24 hours a day, every day
  • Advanced system reporting


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