Vmeet Virtual Meeting Spaces


Reseller branded Virtual Meeting Spaces is the same product set as Vision Vmeet however, with the reseller brand. This extends from the Domain www.reseller.vc, to the Reseller Provisioning Portal, to the customer Meeting Portal and all Customer Communications, for room set up.

Virtual Meeting Spaces provides a seamless visual connection between new and existing devices, across multiple platforms. Users can meet and share content across compatible platforms, systems and devices. It delivers a true channel model with automated billing and licensing, under the resellers chosen brand.  A complete 'Reseller Branded' sales and marketing tools are available in a complete package.

Key Highlights of Vision Vmeet Virtual Meeting Spaces:

  • Hosted platform which makes video conferencing systems interoperable
  • Acts as gateway between Skype for Business and legacy hardware systems
  • Simplifies user experience


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