No More Manual Updates


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12 Feb 21 Author: Dimi Rogatchev

We bet you have all been here:

A customer’s current software needs to be updated- a pretty straightforward process, contact your end customer, mention the upcoming update, the need to buy the required new software version, the strategy behind the updates and arrange the date for the installation. Then contact the next customer, and the next customer, and the next customer... until every single customer has been contacted.


Even if everything runs as planned, you are still investing your time and resources that could be invested in other projects, and usually, not everything runs as planned.

By moving your workloads from on-premise software to  the cloud, you and your customers don't need to schedule time for updates or interrupt daily business operations.

If you would like to know more about how you can support and guide your customers in these challenging times - explore Google's offering today.

With Google Workspace through TD SYNNEX, you can find and offer flexible solutions for every business - work from any device, from anywhere - even offline - with a vast majority of tools to meet the unique needs of your customers. Pay only for the licenses that you use, save time and resources and most importantly…  there are no more manual updates!

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