Collaboration and Productivity

Creating the ‘Everywhere Workplace’


Remote working is here to stay, bringing new challenges as organisations seek to turn what were temporary working solutions into more stable, permanent ones.

Microsoft 365 addresses the need to keep staff connected to their team, secure, and able to produce their best work wherever they are, through its intuitive collaborative hub.

Staff benefit from live chat, meetings, effortless video conferencing, and more, while IT administrators can be assured of easy device and access management, user identity, and multi-factor authentication to ensure the integrity of the corporate network at all times.

Discover why upgrading your customers to Microsoft 365 is the right move for your practice.

And here’s just some of the reasons why you should partner with TD SYNNEX to add value to your customers and be more profitable:

Our Security and Compliance Our Teamwork and Collaboration Our Pre and post-sales support
Assess your customer’s security posture with our CSAT survey

Voice of 365  enables your Teams customers to use Microsoft 365 as a fully-fledged PBX in the cloud

Make migration to the cloud easy with our assessment and migration services
Deploy entire tenants with enhanced security in minutes with our Secure Score click to run solution

Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) a partner and end user sales methodology, mapping MWP features to business outcomes while delivering unique, hands-on experiences

Choose the 24/7 cloud support services (CSS) plan that is right for your customers based on their cloud maturity

Our Security and Compliance



If you lack expertise in cyber security our CSAT will help you assess your customer’s security posture and embrace security as a key part of your go to market strategy around the Modern Workplace. By helping organisations secure their IT infrastructure and their organisational data, you’ll become core to their digital transformation journey and therefore their trusted advisor.

Secure Score

Through our preconfigured Click-To-Run Solutions we help to remove complexity on your behalf, increasing your agility and speed to market. TD SYNNEX’s Modern Workplace with Secure Score helps your customers establish a security baseline while gaining insights into their security position. Partners can leverage the guidance offered by Microsoft Secure Score to identify potential security risks and quickly learn what security features are available to reduce the risk without sacrificing productivity.

Our Teamwork and Collaboration


Voice of 365

Voice of 365 enables your customers to use Microsoft 365 as a fully-fledged PBX in the cloud. It also enables you to maintain telephone lines and numbers. Skype for Business becomes privately hosted and additional telephony functions become available. And extra features become available such as Contact Center, PC Operator, Mobile Presence, Click to Dial, Automated Attendant and CTI solutions.

Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)

Create the technology ‘wow’ moments to drive intent in your SMB customers with CIEs from TD SYNNEX.

CIEs are hands-on, story-driven demonstrations of the latest Microsoft technology, including Microsoft 365, from our experts. They show end-users the real-world benefits on offer with Microsoft solutions; engaging them with tangible business outcomes, rather than talking about technical details.

  • Users experience Microsoft benefits for themselves
  • SMB focus ensures relevance to participants
  • Range of Microsoft solutions available for demonstration
  • Tailored experiences can be created to suit your practice
Discover the power of CIEs

Our Pre and post-sales support


Cloud Assessments and migrations

TD SYNNEX has a range of professional and managed services that will make your migration to the cloud easy. Cloud Assessments and migrations vary on scale, duration, cost and complexity and can be tailored to fit your customer’s needs. TD SYNNEX works together with partners to provide the necessary level of expertise required.

24/7 support

Our Cloud Support Services – come in three different plans which are tailored to your customer’s cloud maturity; we recommend our professional services as a base line of 24/7 support where you can raise tickets via email, live chat, phone and the ticketing tool with language support in business hours. Our SLA for initial response is 1/2/4 hours and the service is available either in a monthly subscription or ten ticket one off payment.

Find out more about Security

Find out more about Security

TD SYNNEX supports you in designing and providing your customers with advanced security capabilities and simplified data control.

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Become Modern Workplace CSP with TD SYNNEX

Become Modern Workplace CSP with TD SYNNEX

Becoming a Modern Workplace CSP with TD SYNNEX is easy. You will need an account with us and we would ask you to please fill in this form.



Upskill your practice with the very latest official Microsoft training and certification from TD SYNNEX Academy.

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